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The Wedge is celebrated as an exceptional sex pillow, endorsed by Timothy Ferris, author of the 4-Hour Body, as a must-have for improving and prolonging sexual experiences. Its compact size doesn't take up much space, offering the additional support and stamina needed for various positions without leaving you fatigued. The wedge's slope, angle, and firmness allow for easier exploration of favorite sexual positions, whether it's missionary, from-behind, cowgirl, or oral sex.


Crafted with a high-density foam core, the Liberator Sex Wedge keeps bodies connected, lifted, and supported during lovemaking. It aids in deeper penetration, G-spot stimulation, and enhancing oral sex sessions by providing comfortable maneuverability and tailored support. Placing the Wedge under your partner's lower back alleviates neck strain and enhances access during oral sex.


The unique patented interlocking threads on the micro-fiber cover prevent slippage, making it a perfect companion to other Liberator products like the Sex Ramp or Lift. These sex pillows and furniture items can be combined to create a customizable pleasure experience. The Plus-size option accommodates all body types.


The Liberator Sex Wedge is discreetly delivered vacuum compressed, allowing for eco-friendly packaging and easy product setup. For more sexual position ideas, a sex position guide is available to inspire further experimentation.

Wedge Pillow

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