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Wicked Ultra silicone personal lubricant is a premium and indulgent solution designed to heighten sensual experiences. This high-quality formula offers a luxurious, velvety texture that promotes prolonged pleasure without the undesirable sensations of heaviness, grease, or stickiness. Crafted from top-grade silicone, Wicked Ultra Fragrance-Free is free from additives or fillers, ensuring an exceptionally smooth and silky feel.


With its non-sticky, fragrance-free, glycerin-free, and paraben-free composition, this lubricant prioritizes comfort and safety. Its enduring nature ensures a long-lasting effect, enhancing intimacy and making it particularly suitable for water-based activities.


Moreover, it is vegan-friendly, containing no animal by-products or undergoing animal testing, thereby catering to individuals seeking ethical and cruelty-free products.


Wicked Ultra Fragrance-Free lubricant delivers an unparalleled experience, facilitating intense sensations and heightened ecstasy while maintaining a focus on quality, comfort, and ethical principles.

Ultra Silicone

PriceFrom C$26.00
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