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Introducing The Thrill, a tantalizing rabbit vibrator that elevates the game of pleasure with its innovative design. Beyond the familiar features of a classic rabbit vibe, The Thrill sets itself apart with a unique flickering, flapping shaft teaser that promises an exhilarating experience.


The standout feature of The Thrill is its curvaceous shaft, subtly textured and stable, yet uniquely hollow at its core. Within this hollowed space, a long, flexible finger tirelessly flaps back and forth, adding an extra layer of toe-curling pleasure to deep inner sweet-spot massages.


Adding to the thrill, a flexible and widespread teaser located below pulsates and throbs against outer sweet spots, including the clitoris. With seven vibration modes and an additional seven speeds and rhythms dedicated to the shaft flapping, each controlled by separate buttons, you have precise control over your Thrill experience, ensuring maximum satisfaction tailored just for you.

The Thrill

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