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You've probably heard the expression "wearing my heart on my sleeve." Have you ever heard someone brag about wearing their flogger around their neck, though? The Sexy String Flogger Necklace from Secret Kisses may not be/definitely is not a heart, but it certainly lets you show off some hearts-desire sexy intentions!

In luxurious black faux leather, the Sexy String will arrive in two pieces; a collar and the flogger itself. Dozens of dangling tassels secured to a pivoting clamp clip to a ring on the collar. Use it to gently tickle a playmate, or flick it just a little harder to deliver some sensual sting. 

This super-sexy piece can absolutely be worn to accent favourite lingerie, but you could easily pair it with jeans and a t-shirt, too. In either case, the Sexy String Flogger Necklace makes a very sexy statement while complementing your own individual style. Nickel free. 

Sexy String Flogger Necklace

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