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The Leatherette Harness Collection invites a sense of curiosity and playfulness into intimate experiences.

The Curious imitation leather harness offers a blend of allure and uniqueness through its timeless design and voluptuous styling.


This adjustable and comfortable harness provides freedom of movement, featuring two adjustable belts ranging from XS-M to L-XXL. The adjustable thigh straps accentuate curves, beautifully highlighting the waist. At the front, the harness boasts a double stretchy silicone ring, perfect for accommodating a dildo of your choice.


As an added feature, the second belt can be utilized as a handcuff, adding a thrilling dimension to bonding moments. The Curious harness aims to create a distinctive and intimate connection between partners, promising a unique union and a playful journey of exploration.

Leatherette Harness

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