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Le Wand's Blend isn't just a visual delight—it's an absolute sensation. This rose-pink, silky bunny isn't just about aesthetics; it's about delivering unforgettable pleasure. Crafted with a sleek shape and a powerful design, The Blend is expertly engineered to seek out, stimulate, and satisfy your most intimate spots in a way that's downright orgasmic.


The rosy and lightly textured Blend Rabbit is exquisitely flexible, ensuring a perfect fit to your or your partner's body. This adaptability is key for achieving the pinnacle of pleasure—a blended orgasm—ensuring that all of Blend's vibrating components are in intimate contact with your sweet spots throughout.


Powered by two motors, Blend offers fifteen distinct vibration modes expertly distributed between its penetrative element and the teasing outer/clitoral stimulator. Beyond these rhythms, delve into six intensity levels for a truly customized experience. Simple buttons on a robust handle grant easy access to all these delightful functions.

Le Wand Blend Rabbit Vibe

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