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The Black Label Esse is the epitome of seductive submission, offering a versatile range of experiences for both relaxation and sensual adventures. With its meticulously designed angles and support, it ensures optimal access, enticing angles, and limitless possibilities. It provides unparalleled comfort, cradling your head, neck, and back in nearly any position imaginable, allowing for deep and satisfying penetration. Featuring 24 connector points, it caters to diverse fantasies and desires, offering unbounded support for your lust-driven adventures.


This versatile piece includes a headrest that can be positioned at either end of the Esse, providing elevation for knees or adding five inches of height for standing or bending-over positions. Additionally, the included Mini-Scoop accessory eliminates the center dip, creating a flatter surface. It can also function independently from the Esse, offering lift and movement during lovemaking on a bed.

Label Esse Black Microfiber w/cuffs

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