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Keon by KIIROO represents a new pinnacle of interactive pleasure, marking itself as the most intelligent automatic masturbator available today.


With a compact and smart design, Keon amalgamates innovation and sophistication in a small casing, making it the ultimate automatic Sex Toy for Men. Its ergonomic shape and intuitive grip control offer limitless ways to optimize your experience, allowing Keon to bring your fantasies to life without constraints.


Keon offers a range of unparalleled capabilities:

- Connects seamlessly with other KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled toys.
- Links with 2D and Virtual Reality interactive adult content for immersive experiences.
- Interfaces with interactive webcams for enhanced pleasure.
- Capable of reaching speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute in its fastest mode, ensuring dynamic sensations.


Moreover, the Feel Stroker by KIIROO, meticulously crafted to provide the most realistic sensations, features skin-like material that delivers an incredibly pleasurable experience, closely resembling the real thing. Specifically designed to perfectly integrate with Keon by KIIROO, the Feel Stroker further enhances the overall sensation and pleasure during use.

Keon & Feel Stroker Combo Set

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