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The Deluxe version of this remarkable sex swing set offers a range of exciting and creatively adventurous positions with ease. Setting it up is incredibly simple as it requires only a doorway. To set it up, just place the stopper-ended section of the main straps over the door, close, and lock the door - that's all it takes!


Featuring a soft padded seat that can be adjusted quickly to the ideal height and pivots smoothly, this swing allows your partner to lift and position your hips effortlessly. Additionally, foot support straps at the bottom and sturdy hand grips on top enable leverage for various positions.


It's important to note that while this swing is designed to support your weight during intimate moments and offer positioning control, it is not intended for use as a suspension device. It's also advised not to use it alone or attempt to fully support more than one person. The maximum weight it can support is 300lbs (136kg).


For the safest and most pleasurable experience with the swing, please follow the safety instructions included on the box.

Door Swing

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