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The Ultra Gentle Intimate Foam Wash by YES CLEANSE offers purity and natural care for intimate hygiene.


Key Features:

  • Organic plant actives like Calendula and Aloe Vera provide gentle care.
  • pH-matched formula, protecting against irritation.
  • Eliminates odor-causing bacteria without causing discomfort.
  • Economic foam pump produces a soft, gentle lather.
  • Over 200 washes, providing over 6 months of daily use.
  • Propellant-free foaming for safety.
  • Ensures luxurious feminine hygiene with confidence and safety.
  • Specially pH-matched to protect the intimate environment, unlike traditional soaps or shower gels that may disrupt the vaginal pH balance.


YES CLEANSE's Ultra Gentle Intimate Foam Wash offers a luxurious and safe daily hygiene routine, using organic plant actives and a pH-matched formula to safeguard and maintain the intimate environment without causing irritation or discomfort.


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