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Immerse yourself in the art of sensual touch with our range of Massage Oils, each tailored for distinct moments in your romantic journey. Crafted with naturally indulgent essential oils, skin-soothing emollients, and enriching Vitamin E, these oils offer:

  • Essential oil blends for a heightened sensory experience
  • Nourishing Vitamin E for skin care
  • Ultra-moisturizing properties for silky-smooth skin
  • Long-lasting formula ideal for full-body massages
  • Allergy-tested and made with quality ingredients in the USA

Discover the Kama Sutra Massage Oil, formulated with essential oils to induce deep relaxation. This luxurious, emollient-rich blend ensures a pleasurable experience, whether giving or receiving a sensuous full-body massage. Use it by pouring into the bath for an aromatic soak or apply directly onto the skin for a daily moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling silky and hydrated.

Aromatic Massage Oil

PriceFrom C$10.00
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