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Experience an unprecedented level of power and versatility with the Alluvion, a revolutionary dual-ended massager designed for intense clitoral, G-spot, and anal stimulation. Unlike traditional wands, the Alluvion boasts two powerful motors, each strategically placed to elevate your pleasure to new heights.


The tapered handle incorporates the innovative 60SX AMP motor, delivering a pulsating gyration that resonates deeply within, creating an immersive sensation that reverberates through the body. Its flexible design effortlessly conforms to various body shapes, making it ideal for targeting the G-spot or indulging in satisfying anal stimulation. Meanwhile, the Torrent motor, nestled within the wand's head, produces a profound vibration that perfectly caters to clitoral pleasure.


Featuring 12 unique vibration speeds per end, the Alluvion offers an array of sensational experiences. For those seeking an intense surge of power, the XLR8 turbo boost function elevates the vibration intensity to its highest setting for 12 seconds, ensuring an electrifying sensation that transcends expectations.


Crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, the Alluvion is USB-rechargeable, body-safe, and fully submersible in water. Its enchanting touch defies convention, offering an unmatched experience that challenges the norms of wand vibrators

Alluvion Wand

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