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Love Life

Stefani and Jenn, with over two decades of combined experience in the romance industry through home party planning, recognized the gaps in sexual awareness, education, and inclusivity. To bridge these gaps, they decided to merge their expertise, founding Love Life Ltd (Living the Dream). While searching for a physical location, they'll launch their products online and continue hosting in-home parties featuring romance, lingerie, and adult products.

Their business aims to transcend mere product sales. They aspire to normalize women's sexuality, destigmatize sex and sexual orientation, and cater inclusively to everyone's sexual health and wellness needs by providing knowledge and information.

To achieve their vision, Stefani and Jenn plan to collaborate with other professionals in their community, leveraging their strengths to offer safe, credible resources and foster a robust and supportive network.



Meet Stefani: a dynamic individual balancing a full-time job, a thriving side-hustle, and multiple roles in her personal life. Passionate about her two beloved dogs and an avid traveler for over 12 years, Stefani embraces life's adventures to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.

Amidst her bustling lifestyle, Stefani finds solace in moments of relaxation, often unwinding in her hot tub under the stars. Her sociable nature shines through her cherished friendships, where she creates lasting memories through shared experiences and laughter.

Stefani's journey embodies passion, hard work, and a genuine love for life. Her dedication to making a positive impact while nurturing her own well-being reflects her indomitable spirit. Her slice of paradise outside Prince George mirrors her zest for life itself.


Welcome to Jenn's vibrant world, where love, chaos, and serenity coexist harmoniously. For over two decades, Jenn has woven a beautiful life around her marriage, children, and furry companions. Her enduring marriage and loving household, filled with three lively daughters, embody the joys and challenges of nurturing a strong family bond.

Juggling multiple roles as a full-time domestic goddess, Jenn chauffeurs her daughters to various activities while whipping up delectable meals that unite the family around the dinner table. Embracing imperfections, she understands that a little mess signifies a life well-lived, infusing her home with warmth and authenticity.

Beyond her bustling family life, Jenn finds solace in her passion for organizing romance parties, offering a haven of intimacy and laughter for guests seeking a break from routine. Additionally, she relishes family escapes to the tranquil lake, cherishing moments of swimming, boating, and basking in nature's serenity.

Jenn's world epitomizes love, resilience, and joy amid life's chaos. Her dedication to family, talent for kindling romance, and appreciation for peaceful moments invite others to experience the rich tapestry of her life—a mosaic woven with love, laughter, and the pursuit of happiness. Step into Jenn's world and embrace its colorful beauty.

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